01. As we flew into L.A., we saw a [thick] layer of smog over the city.
02. Slowly heat the sauce to [thicken] it.
03. The walls of our room aren't [thick] enough to keep out the noise from the next room.
04. The man had very broad shoulders and a [thick] neck.
05. The city was being choked by a [thick] blanket of smog.
06. Kelly's new baby girl has beautiful blue eyes and [thick], blonde hair.
07. The amount of time needed to cook a salmon depends on the [thickness] of the fish.
08. I couldn't understand a lot of the dialog in the movie because the actors were speaking with a [thick] Scottish accent.
09. The giraffe's heart is huge; it weighs over 20 pounds, is almost 2 feet long, and has walls up to four inches [thick].
10. A wristwatch that is less than one millimeter in [thickness] has been developed in Switzerland.
11. Scientists tell us that the brain gets its intelligence from a surface layer of tissue no more than a centimeter [thick].
12. The salt contained in all of the world's oceans could cover the United States in a layer two kilometers [thick].
13. When polar bears swim, a layer of fat and [thick] fur keeps them warm in the icy waters.
14. The large body of a gorilla is covered with a [thick] coat of coarse black hair.
15. The peel on my orange was so [thick] that there was hardly any actual fruit inside.
16. The walls of the bomb shelter are so [thick] that nothing can penetrate them.
17. The skin of a hippopotamus is so [thick] that most bullets cannot penetrate it.
18. Don't put too much cocoa powder in your milk or it will be too [thick].
19. The planet Venus shines brightly because its [thick] layer of clouds reflects sunlight.
20. Until the 15th century, people ate their meals off a [thick] slice of stale bread instead of a dinner plate.
21. The child couldn't even feel it when his mother spanked him because his diaper was so [thick].
22. Richard Armour once remarked that a rumor is one thing that gets [thicker] instead of thinner as it is spread.
23. During the Ice Age, some parts of the Earth's surface were covered in ice up to 180 meters [thick].
24. A Danish proverb notes that faults are [thick] where love is thin.
25. A Mexican proverb suggests that agreements should be clearly expressed, and chocolate should be served [thick].
26. An old proverb remarks that blood is [thicker] than water.
27. I tried to explain it to him, but he was too [thick] to understand.
28. She's taking her exams today, but she'll probably fail; she's a bit [thick].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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